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Soon, very soon near Designer Outlet Roermond...

Soon, very soon near Designer Outlet Roermond...! The first outdoor boating showroom that accomodates up to 30 yachts! Will we see you at our opening weekend?

Feel free to share this amazing new project in the city of Roermond!

Openinghours during the Christmas Holidays:

Tijdens de feestdagen zijn onze openingstijden aangepast.
During the Christmas Holidays our Openinghours are different. 


Visit Boulevard Nautique Roermond

Maritime showroom for boats and events opened  its doors on June 29, 2017.

Roermond the Netherlands. Boulevard Nautique Roermond opens, on June 29 2017, with an outdoor showroom that accommodates up to 30 yachts, sailboats and motorboats. The showroom, in the style of a marina enables boat manufactures to introduce their new yachts and show their second hand yachts for sale. Buyers vere able to visit and try out boats without any time pressure with the marina having direct access to the Maas...